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Appendix A. Contributing

The Nexus Repository Manager documentation is an open source project in which you can participate, if you have an idea for documentation. Sonatype’s books include open writing efforts, and Sonatype values documentation contributions the same as code contributions. If you are interested in our technology and would like to contribute, please review the basics described in this appendix.

Contributor License Agreement (CLA). In order to contribute to the Nexus Repository Manager documentation, you will first need to fill out a contributor license agreement. This is a legal agreement between you and Sonatype that ensures that your contributions are not covered by any other legal requirements. Sonatype requires contributors to sign this agreement for all major contributions larger than a single section. If your contribution consists of finding and fixing simple typos or suggesting minor changes to the wording or sequence of a particular section, you can contribute these changes via the Sonatype support site or directly as a pull request on the github project. If you contribution involves direct contribution of a number of sections or chapters you will first need to sign our Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

To download the CLA from the following URL:

Once you have completed and signed this document, you can email the scan to

How to Contribute. The source code for the book is hosted on GitHub in the nexus-book project. Instructions on tools used to author content as well as building the book and more can be found there.

Contributors. The following people have been authors or contributors to the book in the past:

Manfred Moser, Tim O’Brien, Jason Van Zyl, Damian Bradicich, John Casey, Tamas Cservenak, Brian Demers, Brian Fox, Marvin Froeder, Anders Hammar, Rich Seddon, Peter Lynch, Juven Xu, Joe Tom, Jeff Wayman, Kelly Robinson, Dulani Wallace, Jeffry Hesse