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   - 8.4. Optimizing Plugins

8.4. Optimizing Plugins

If we take a look at the various plugin configurations, we can see the HSQLDB dependencies duplicated in several places. Unfortunately, dependencyManagement doesn’t apply to plugin dependencies, but we can still use a property to consolidate the versions. Most complex Maven multimodule projects tend to define all versions in the top-level POM. This top-level POM then becomes a focal point for changes that affect the entire project. Think of version numbers as string literals in a Java class; if you are constantly repeating a literal, you’ll likely want to make it a variable so that when it needs to be changed, you have to change it in only one place. Rolling up the version of HSQLDB into a property in the top-level POM yields the following properties element:


The next thing we notice is that the hibernate3-maven-plugin configuration is duplicated in the simple-webapp and simple-command modules. We can manage the plugin configuration in the top-level POM just as we managed the dependencies in the top-level POM with the dependencyManagement section. To do this, we use the pluginManagement element in the top-level POM’s build element:


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