Maven by Example
   - 6.6. Running the Web Application

6.6. Running the Web Application

Once the multi-module project has been installed with mvn install, you can run the web application with mvn jetty:run.

~/examples/ch-multi/simple-parent/simple-webapp $ mvn jetty:run
[INFO] -----------------------------------------
[INFO] Building simple-webapp Maven Webapp
[INFO]task-segment: [jetty:run]
[INFO] -----------------------------------------
[INFO] [jetty:run]
[INFO] Configuring Jetty for project: simple-webapp Maven Webapp
[INFO] Webapp directory = ~/examples/ch-multi/simple-parent/\
[INFO] Starting jetty 6.1.6rc1 ...
2007-11-18 1:58:26.980::INFO:  jetty-6.1.6rc1
2007-11-18 1:58:26.125::INFO:  No Transaction manager found
2007-11-18 1:58:27.633::INFO:  Started SelectChannelConnector@
[INFO] Started Jetty Server

Once Jetty has started, load http://localhost:8080/simple-webapp/weather?zip=01201 in a browser and you should see the formatted weather output.

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