Maven by Example
   - 6.1. Introduction

6.1. Introduction

In this chapter, we create a multi-module project that combines the examples from the two previous chapters. The simple-weather code developed in Chapter 4, Customizing a Maven Project will be combined with the simple-webapp project defined in Chapter 5, A Simple Web Application to create a web application that retrieves and displays weather forecast information on a web page. At the end of this chapter, you will be able to use Maven to develop complex, multi-module projects.

6.1.1. Downloading this Chapter’s Example

The multi-module project developed in this example consists of modified versions of the projects developed in Chapter 4, Customizing a Maven Project and Chapter 5, A Simple Web Application, and we are not using the Maven Archetype plugin to generate this multi-module project. We strongly recommend downloading a copy of the example code to use as a supplemental reference while reading the content in this chapter. This chapter’s example project may be downloaded with the book’s example code at:

Unzip this archive in any directory, and then go to the ch-multi/ directory. There you will see a directory named simple-parent, which contains the multi-module Maven project developed in this chapter. In this directory, you will see a pom.xml and the two submodule directories, simple-weather and simple-webapp.

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