Maven by Example
   - 2.7. Getting Help with Maven

2.7. Getting Help with Maven

While this book aims to be a comprehensive reference, there are going to be topics we will miss and special situations and tips which are not covered. While the core of Maven is very simple, the real work in Maven happens in the plugins, and there are too many plugins available to cover them all in one book. You are going to encounter problems and features which have not been covered in this book; in these cases, we suggest searching for answers at the following locations:
This will be the first place to look. The Maven web site contains a wealth of information and documentation. Every plugin has a few pages of documentation and there is a series of "quick start" documents which will be helpful in addition to the content of this book. While the Maven site contains a wealth of information, it can also be frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming. There is a custom Google search box on the main Maven page that will search known Maven sites for information. This provides better results than a generic Google search.
Maven User Mailing List
The Maven User mailing list is the place for users to ask questions. Before you ask a question on the user mailing list, you will want to search for any previous discussion that might relate to your question. It is bad form to ask a question that has already been asked without first checking to see if an answer already exists in the archives. There are a number of useful mailing list archive browsers; we’ve found Nabble to the be the most useful. You can browse the User mailing list archives at You can join the user mailing list by following the instructions available at
Sonatype maintains an online copy of this book and other tutorials related to Apache Maven.

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