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Chapter 25. Sonatype CLM for Maven


The topics discussed in this chapter require IQ Server with the Lifecycle license.

Sonatype CLM for Maven allows users to evaluate any Maven-based software projects, in the same way our integrated tools (e.g. Nexus Pro, Eclipse, Hudson/Jenkins) do.

This means you can access the same robust, reporting features no matter what toolset you use. It can be run on a command line interface and can therefore be executed on any continuous integration server, as well as a number of popular IDEs.

How you use the Sonatype CLM for Maven plugin widely depends on how you enforce policy. However, in general, when using the plugin on a multi-module project in most cases you will only configure an execution for the modules that produce components that will be deployed as an application.

Typically these are ear files or war files for deployment on application servers or tar.gz or other archives that are used for production deployments or distribution to users. That said, you can also analyze all modules of a project. Again, this will largely depend on what your CLM policy is enforcing and what you want to validate.

In the following sections, we’ll provide details on these goals and their usage:

The index goal of the plugin allows you to prepare data for analysis with Sonatype CLM for CI.
The attach goal aids your integration with Sonatype Nexus CLM Edition and the release process using the staging tools of Nexus.
The evaluate goal can trigger an evaluation directly against a Sonatype CLM server.

The help goal provides documentation for all the goals and parameters and you can invoke it with an execution like mvn com.sonatype.clm:clm-maven-plugin:help.