Documentation Nexus IQ Server 1.34

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10.4. Manual Application Evaluation

When you evaluate an application, IQ Server generates a report that gives you a baseline of your application’s health. Before you can initiate an evaluation, you need the following items:

  • At least one organization and one application. For information on creating these entities, see the Organziation and Application Management chapter.
  • View IQ Elements and Evaluate Applications permissions for the application you wish to evaluate. For details about setting permissions, see the Security Administration chapter.

To evaluate an application:

  1. Log in to IQ Server as a user assigned to the Policy Administrator or Owner role for the application.
  2. Click the Organization & Policies icon figs/web/clm-server-manage-app-org-icon.png on the IQ Server toolbar.
  3. Select an application in the sidebar.
  4. Go to the Actions menu, and click Evaluate Binary.
  5. In the Evaluate a Binary dialog, do the following:

    • Click the Choose File button and then navigate to the file you want evaluated.
    • Click to select a stage to associate with the evaluation.
    • Click Yes or No to specify whether notifications of policy violations will be sent as defined in the policy’s configuration settings.
  6. Click the Upload button to begin evaluating the selected application. An Evaluation Status message is displayed.
  7. When the evaluation is complete, click the View Report button to open the Application Composition Report for your application. See the Application Composition Report chapter for more information on understanding the evaluation results.

Figure 10.11. Evaluate a Binary