Documentation Nexus IQ Server 1.34

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Chapter 17. Nexus IQ for Bamboo


The topics discussed in this chapter require IQ Server with the Lifecycle license.

Getting Nexus IQ for Bamboo up and running is not difficult. However, there are a few things we expect you to have completed prior to getting started.

  • Install and configure the IQ Server
  • Create an organization, and at least one application
  • Evaluated the application at least once

If anything in the list above looks completely new, or has not been completed, bring everything to a full stop. Even if you aren’t responsible for those areas of IQ Server, you will need to have them complete before configuring Nexus IQ for Bamboo.

Don’t feel bad, we know you just wanted to get started as quickly as possible. To get the most out of it however, you will want to start with the following chapters:

You may want to thumb through our Application Composition Report chapter as well.

Yeah, that’s a lot of reading, but then again we wrote it just for users like you. Go ahead, we promise it will be worth it. If you do, we know you will be better prepared to extract the most value out of your Nexus IQ for Bamboo installation.

Once you are ready, head on over and download Nexus IQ for Bamboo from our Nexus IQ Server downloads page.