Repository Management with Nexus

5.9. Browsing Groups

Nexus contains ordered groups of repositories which allow you to expose a series of repositories through a single URL. More often than not, an organization is going to point Maven at the two default Nexus groups: Public Repositories and Public Snapshot Repositories. Most end-users of Nexus are not going to know what artifacts are being served from what specific repository, and they are going to want to be able to browse the Public Repository. To support this use case, Maven allows you to browse the contents of a Nexus Group as if it were a single merged repository with a tree structure. Figure 5.15, “Browsing a Nexus Group”, shows the browsing storage interface for a Nexus Group. There is no difference to the user experience of browsing a Nexus Group vs. browsing a Nexus Repository.


Figure 5.15. Browsing a Nexus Group

When browsing a Nexus group’s storage, you are browsing the underlying storage for all of the repositories which are contained in a group. If a Nexus group contains proxy repositories, the Browse Storage tab will show all of the artifacts in the Nexus group that have been download from the remote repositories. To browse and search all artifacts available in a Nexus group, click on the Browse Index tab to load the interface shown in Figure 5.16, “Browsing a Nexus Group Index”.


Figure 5.16. Browsing a Nexus Group Index