Repository Management with Nexus


5.15. Support Tools

Support Tools provides a collection of useful information for monitoring and analyzing your Nexus installation. You can access the Support Tools in the Administration submenu of the Nexus menu.

5.15.1. System Information

The System Information tab displays a large number of configuration details related to

details about the versions of Nexus and the installed plugins, Nexus install and work directory location, application host and port and a number of other properties.
Java Virtual Machine
all system properties like, and many more as known by the JVM running Nexus
Operating System
including environment variables like JAVA_HOME or PATH as well as details about the runtime in terms of processor, memory and threads, network connectors and storage file stores.

You can copy a subsection of the text from the panel, use the Download button to get a text file or use the Print button to produce a document.

5.15.2. Support Zip

The Support ZIP tab allows you to create a zip archive file that you can submit to Sonatype support via email or a support ticket. The checkboxes in for Contents and Options allow you to control the content of the archive.

You can include System Information as available in the System Information tab, a Thread Dump of the JVM currently running Nexus, your Nexus general Configuration as well as you Security Configuration, the Nexus Log and a Metrics file with network and request-related information.

The options allow you to limit the size of the included files as well as the overall file size. Pressing the Create button with gather all files and create the archive in sonatype-work/nexus/support and open a dialog to download the file to your workstation.