Repository Management with Nexus

21.1. Introduction

Using Secure Socket Layer SSL to secure protocols like http, ldap and smtp is a critical step of securing your Nexus setup. Since Nexus is serving content as well as connecting to external sources there are two aspects of SSL configuration related to Nexus:

  • Configuring SSL certificate usage when connecting to external systems including

    • Proxying a remote repository available via https
    • Connecting to a SSL secured SMTP server
    • Connecting to an LDAP server via ldaps
  • Exposing the Nexus user interface and content via https

Securing all connections to external systems with SSL as well as exposing Nexus via SSL are both recommended best practices for any deployment.

Especially when you set up a repository manager for a team of developers spread out over a variety of locations both internal and external to a corporate network, you will likely want to secure your repository using SSL.