13.1. Introduction

When you move an organization to a repository manager such as Nexus Repository Manager, one of the constant challenges is keeping everyone’s Maven settings synchronized to ensure the repository manager server is used and any further configuration in the settings file is consistent. In addition, different users or use cases require different settings files. You can find out more about the Maven settings file in Chapter 4, Configuring Maven and Other Build Tools. Nexus Repository Manager Pro allows you to define templates for Maven settings stored on the server and provide them to users via the user interface or automated download.

If an administrator makes a change that requires every developer to modify his or her ~/.m2/settings.xml file, this feature can be used to manage the distribution of Maven settings changes to the entire organization. Once you have defined a Maven settings template in Nexus Repository Manager Pro, developers can then use the Nexus M2Settings Maven Plugin to retrieve the new Maven settings file directly from Nexus Repository Manager Pro.