15.1. Introduction

Nexus Repository Manager supports the P2 Repository format. The P2 repository format is a provisioning platform for Eclipse components. For more information about the P2 repository format, see the Equinox P2 documentation on the Eclipse Wiki.

The following sections detail the procedures for creating and managing P2 repositories.

Nexus Repository Manager has P2 support installed by default. Prior to any usage in Nexus Repository Manager OSS the Nexus P2 Bridge Plugin and the Nexus P2 Repository Plugin need to be installed. You can download the bundle.zip files for your specific version from the Central Repository:

Extract the two files into sonatype-work/nexus/plugin-repository and restart the repository manager.


P2 processing requires larger amounts of memory. We suggest to increase the configured Java heap memory by increasing wrapper.java.maxmemory to a minimum of 2048. This configuration value can be found in $NEXUS_HOME/bin/jsw/conf/wrapper.conf.