Repository Management with Nexus

16.2. NuGet Proxy Repositories

To proxy an external NuGet repository you simply create a new Proxy Repository as documented in Section 6.2, “Managing Repositories”. The Provider has to be set to NuGet. The Remote Storage Location has to be set to the source URL of the repository you want to proxy.

A complete configuration for proxying is visible in Figure 16.1, “NuGet Proxy Repository Configuration for”.


Figure 16.1. NuGet Proxy Repository Configuration for

The source URL for the main repository is

The repository configuration for a NuGet proxy repository has an additional tab titled NuGet as visible in Figure 16.2, “NuGet Gallery with Package Source URL”, which displays the Nexus URL at which the repository is available as a NuGet repository.


Figure 16.2. NuGet Gallery with Package Source URL

When creating a NuGet proxy repository a Scheduled Task is automatically created to download the index data about the content of the remote NuGet repository. This task is available in the Scheduled Tasks administration section and by default created for a daily schedule. To modify the task access it via the Administration panel in the left-hand navigation area and the Scheduled Tasks menu item. The task will be using the name of the proxy repository with (NuGet Feed) appended. A user interface as displayed in Figure 16.3, “NuGet Proxy Repository Scheduled Task” will allow you to adjust the task as desired.


Figure 16.3. NuGet Proxy Repository Scheduled Task

The default task incrementally downloads information about the latest version of published packages. If you want details about all versions you can select the Fetch All Versions checkbox, save the updated configuration and manually trigger the Scheduled Task.

Deleting the proxy repository will remove the scheduled task.