Documentation Nexus Repository Manager 2.14

16.2. Proxying npm Registries

To reduce duplicate downloads and improve download speeds for your developers and CI servers, you should proxy the registry hosted at It is accessed directly by npm out-of-the-box. You can also proxy any other registries you require.

To proxy an external npm registry, you simply create a new Proxy Repository as documented in Section 6.2, “Managing Repositories”. The Provider has to be set to NPM. The Remote Storage Location has to be set to the URL of the remote repository you want to proxy. The official URL for the main npm registry is

A complete configuration for proxying the default npm registry is visible in Figure 16.1, “Proxy Repository Configuration for the npm Registry”.


Figure 16.1. Proxy Repository Configuration for the npm Registry


Browsing the registry storage or the remote registry and searching for packages in the repository manager is not supported