6.7. Customizing the User Interface with Branding

Available in Nexus Repository Manager only

The branding plugin is part of Nexus Repository Manager and allows you to customize your repository manager instance by replacing the default Nexus Repository Manager logo in the top left-hand corner of the header with an image of your choice.

You can configure it by adding the Branding capabililty as documented in Section 6.6, “Accessing and Configuring Capabilities” and enabling it. By default, the branding plugin will look for the new logo in a file called branding.png in your data directory’s conf folder. By default, the location is therefore sonatype-work/nexus/conf/branding.png. The new logo needs to be a PNG image. To blend in well in the UI, it is recommended that it is of 60 pixels height and has a transparent background.

If it fails to find a new logo, the plugin will fall back to using the default logo.

Prior to Nexus Repository Manager 2.7, the branding plugin was an optional plugin of Nexus Repository Manager and needed to be installed following the documentation in Section 22.1, “Managing Plugins”. In this case you needed to add a branding.image.path property to the nexus.properties file in $NEXUS_HOME/conf/: