Repository Management with Nexus


1.3. Nexus Professional

Nexus Professional is designed to meet the needs of the enterprise and builds upon solid foundation and features provided by Nexus Open Source. It is a central point of access to external repositories which provides and a central distribution point with the intelligence required to support the decision that go into making quality software.

1.3.1. Nexus Professional Features

Rich Component Information
The Sonatype CLM data services provides up-to-date and accurate information about known component security vulnerabilities as well as license issues found by component source inspection. This information is available in Nexus Professional and helps your users with their component choice.
Nexus Staging Suite
When was the last time you did a software release to a production system? Did it involve a QA team that had to sign off on a particular build? What was the process you used to re-deploy a new build if QA found a problem with the system at the last minute? The Nexus Staging Suite provides workflow support for the release process of binary software components. If you need to create a release component and deploy it to a hosted repository, you can use the Staging Suite to post a collection of related, staged components which can be tested, promoted, or discarded as a unit. Nexus keeps track of the individuals who are involved in a staged, managed release and can be used to support the decisions that go into producing quality software.
Support for OSGi Repositories
Nexus Professional adds support for OSGi Bundle repositories and P2 repositories for those developers who are targeting OSGi or the Eclipse platform. Just like you can proxy, host, and group Maven 2, NuGet or NPM repositories with Nexus Open Source, Nexus Professional allows you to do the same with OSGi repositories.
Enterprise LDAP Support
Nexus Professional offers LDAP support features for enterprise LDAP deployments, including detailed configuration of cache parameters, support for multiple LDAP servers and backup mirrors, the ability to test user logins, support for common user/group mapping templates, and the ability to support more than one schema across multiple servers.
Support for Atlassian Crowd
If your organization uses Atlassian Crowd, Nexus Professional can delegate authentication and access control to a Crowd server and map Crowd groups to the appropriate Nexus roles.
Maven Settings Management
Nexus Professional along with the Nexus M2Settings Maven Plugin allows you to manage Maven settings. Once you have developed a Maven Settings template, developers can then connect to Nexus Professional using the Nexus M2Settings Maven plugin which will take responsibility for downloading a Maven settings file from Nexus and replacing the existing Maven settings on a local workstation.
Custom Repository Metadata
Nexus Professional provides a facility for user-defined custom metadata. If you need to keep track of custom attributes to support approval workflow or to associate custom identifiers with software artifacts, you can use Nexus to define and manipulate custom attributes which can be associated with artifacts in a Nexus repository.