Repository Management with Nexus


1.1. Introduction

Nexus manages software components required for development, deployment, and provisioning. If you develop software, Nexus can help you share those components with other developers and end users. Nexus greatly simplifies the maintenance of your own internal repositories and access to external repositories. With Nexus you can completely control access to, and deployment of, every component in your organization from a single location.

Nexus is available in three editions:

  • Nexus OSS
  • Nexus Pro
  • Nexus Pro+

The basis of all Nexus versions is formed by Nexus OSS. It is licensed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0 and can be used to get started with component and repository management. It provides a plugin infrastructure for all its features and supports numerous repository formats out of the box.

Nexus Pro builds on top of the numerous features of Nexus OSS and adds component information integration, improvements for the release process, improved LDAP integration and other features typically required by enterprises and advanced users.

Nexus Pro+ adds integration with Nexus Lifecycle to Nexus Pro. This makes your component management policies and rules configurable and actionable and provides further automation and integration with numerous tools to advanced users.

Upgrades from Nexus OSS can be easily performed. This makes Nexus OSS an easy, yet powerful solution to get started with component and repository management. Nexus Pro adds further features as well as full support by Sonatype.

Check out Chapter 2, Concepts for more background on repository management in your software development life cycle.