Repository Management with Nexus

1.5. History of Nexus

Tamas Cservenak started working on Proximity in December 2005, as he was trying to find a way to isolate his own systems from an incredibly slow ADSL connection provided by a Hungarian ISP. Proximity started as a simple web application to proxy artifacts for a small organization with connectivity issues. Creating a local on-demand cache for Maven artifacts from the Central Repository gave an organization access to the artifacts on the Central Repository, but it also made sure that these artifacts weren’t downloaded over and over again via a very slow ADSL connection used by a number of developers.

In 2007, Sonatype asked Tamas to help create a similar product named Nexus. Nexus is currently considered the logical next step to Proximity. Nexus currently has an active development team, and portions of the indexing code from Nexus are also being used in m2eclipse.