Repository Management with Nexus


3.9. Installing a Nexus Professional License

When starting a Nexus Professional trial installation you can upload your license file as described in Section 3.5, “Running Nexus” on the license screen visible in Figure 3.4, “Nexus License Activation”.

If you are currently using an evaluation license or need to replace your current license with a new one, click on Licensing in the Administration menu. This will bring up the panel shown in Figure 3.8, “Nexus Professional Licensing Panel”. To upload your Nexus Professional license, click on Browse…, select the file, and click on Upload.


Figure 3.8. Nexus Professional Licensing Panel

Once you have selected a license and uploaded it to Nexus, Nexus Professional will display a dialog box with the Nexus Professional End User License Agreement as shown in Figure 3.9, “Nexus Professional End User License Agreement”. If you agree with the terms and conditions, click on "I Agree".


Figure 3.9. Nexus Professional End User License Agreement

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in the End User License Agreement, Nexus Professional will then display a dialog box confirming the installation of a Nexus Professional license, as shown in Figure 3.10, “License Upload Finished Dialog”.


Figure 3.10. License Upload Finished Dialog

If you need to remove your Nexus Professional license, you can click on the "Uninstall License" button at the bottom of the Licensing Panel. Clicking on this button will show the dialog in Figure 3.11, “Uninstall License Confirmation Dialog”, confirming that you want to uninstall a license.


Figure 3.11. Uninstall License Confirmation Dialog

Clicking Yes in this dialog box will uninstall the license from Nexus Professional and display another dialog which confirms that the license has been successfully uninstalled.


Figure 3.12. License Uninstall Completed Dialog

3.9.1. License Expiration

When a Nexus Professional license expires, the Nexus user interface will have all functionality disabled except for the ability to install a new license file.