Repository Management with Nexus

23.1. Community Projects

Nexus community projects range from open source efforts run by Sonatype, projects run by Nexus Professional customers or Nexus Open Source users to one man, one off hacks for some older version of Nexus.

When using any of these projects, ensure you keep the quality of the project and their impact on your production Nexus instance in mind.

23.1.1. Nexus Plugins

Nexus plugins expand functionality of Nexus itself in various aspects on the user interface and underlying features:

Nexus Open Source Plugins
Large number of plugins bundled with Nexus Open Source including YUM support, P2 support and others
Example Plugins
Example plugins from Sonatype
Ruby Support
Components from Sonatype to enable RubyGems support in Nexus
APT Plugin
APT/DEB repository support for Nexus
Rundeck Plugin
Nexus integration with Rundeck
Webhook Plugin
support for webhook notifications for component deployments to Nexus
Artifact Usage Plugin
Plugin to display components depending on a specific component
Dependency Mgt
Plugin to display the dependency tree of a component with further detailed information
GroupId Mgt. Plugin
Plugin to help with provisioning security per groupId
Repository Cleanup Plugin
scheduled task that can remove components based on age and a regular expression pattern
Gitlab Token Auth Plugin
Nexus authentication support using Gitlab user token
AWS S3 Publish Plugin
Nexus plugin to publish components deployed to Nexus also to AWS S3
NPM Repository Plugin
Nexus plugin providing support for the Javascript based Node Packaged Modules NPM system.
Hipchat for Nexus Plugin
Supports notifications in HipChat when components matching a pattern are deployed to Nexus

23.1.2. Nexus Integrations

Nexus Maven Plugins
The official Nexus Staging Maven Plugin and the Nexus M2Settings Maven Plugin from Sonatype. The plugins are using the Nexus REST API client library and can be used as example for your own Maven plugins or other Java based clients.
Nexus Ant Tasks
The official Nexus Staging Ant Tasks from Sonatype.
Puppet Nexus
Puppet module to install and configure Nexus
Nexus Cookbook
Chef cookbook to install and configure Nexus
Openshift Nexus
Scripts to provision Nexus on[OpenShift
Nexus CLI
Set of command line programs to interact with Nexus
Nexus RPM Package
Nexus as RPM package
Nexus DEB Package
Nexus as DEB package
Puppet Nexus Client
Puppet module to retrieve components from Nexus
Gradle Plugin
Gradle plugin to deploy components to Nexus and via OSSRH to the Central Repository
Gradle Staging Plugin
Gradle plugin to deploy components to Nexus and via OSSRH to the Central Repository with good support for staging automation
SBT Plugin
Gradle plugin to deploy components to Nexus and via OSSRH to the Central Repository
List Versions Jenkins Plugin
Jenkins plugin to display component versions available in Nexus
Nexus Metadata Jenkins Plugin
jenksing plugin to add custom metadata with deployments to Nexus Professional
Go Maven Poller
Package material plugin for Go that can poll Nexus for components

23.1.3. Other Projects

Nexus Performance Testing Library
regression and stress test library for Nexus from Sonatype
Repository Management With Nexus
the source code for the book, which is the official documentation for Nexus Open Source and Nexus Professional
Nexus Book Examples
examples for the Nexus trial guide chapter of the book Repository Management with Nexus
Nexus Introduction
slides and examples to present about Sonatype Nexus at user groups or in similar settings

Contributing. All of the projects listed in Section 23.1, “Community Projects” are community efforts and open to your participation. If you are aware of any other projects or would like to have your project listed here, please contact us at