Repository Management with Nexus


8.1. Introduction

Nexus OSS has a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Authentication realm which provides Nexus with the capability to authenticate users against an LDAP server. In addition to handling authentication, Nexus can be configured to map Nexus roles to LDAP user groups. If a user is a member of a group that matches the ID of a Nexus role, Nexus will grant that user the matching Nexus role. In addition to this highly configurable user and group mapping capability, Nexus can augment LDAP group membership with Nexus-specific user-role mapping.

In addition to the basic LDAP support from Nexus OSS, Nexus Pro offers LDAP support features for enterprise LDAP deployments. These include the ability to cache authentication information, support for multiple LDAP servers and backup mirrors, the ability to test user logins, support for common user/group mapping templates, and the ability to support more than one schema across multiple servers.