15.3. Grouping P2 Repositories

Just like Nexus Repository Manager can group Maven repositories and OBR repositories, it can also be configured to group P2 Repositories. To group P2 repositories:

  1. Click Repositories in the Views/Repositories menu.
  2. Click the Add.. button above the list of repositories, and choose Repository Group from the drop-down of repository types.
  3. In the New Repository Group window,

    1. Select P2 as the Provider.
    2. Drag and drop one or more P2 repositories into the new group.
    3. Supply a Group ID and a Group Name.
    4. Click Save.

Figure 15.2, “Creating a New P2 Repository Group” shows an example of a repository group that contains two P2 proxy repositories.


Figure 15.2. Creating a New P2 Repository Group