20.5. Creating a Site Repository

To create a site repository, log in as a user with Administrative privileges, and click on Repositories under Views/Repositories in the mainmenu. Under the Repositories tab, click on the Add… drop-down and choose Hosted Repository as shown in Figure 20.1, “Adding a Hosted Repository”.


Figure 20.1. Adding a Hosted Repository

In the New Hosted Repository form, click on the Provider drop-down and chose the Site provider as shown in Figure 20.2, “Creating a New Maven Site Repository”. Although you can use any arbitrary name and identifier for your own repository, for the chapter’s example, use a Repository ID of site and a Repository Name of Maven Site.


Figure 20.2. Creating a New Maven Site Repository

After creating a new Site repository, it should appear in the list of repositories as shown in Figure 20.3, “Newly Created Site Repository”. Note that the Repository Path shown in Figure 20.3, “Newly Created Site Repository” is the same as the repository path referenced in Distribution Management for Site Deployment.


Figure 20.3. Newly Created Site Repository


The Site provider support is implemented in the Nexus Site Repository Plugin and is installed by default in Nexus Repository Manager OSS as well as Nexus Repository Manager Pro.