20.6. Add the Site Deployment Role

In the Maven Settings shown in Configuring Deployment Credentials for Site Deployment, you configured your Maven instance to use the default deployment user and password. To successfully deploy a site to the repository manager, make sure that the deployment user has the appropriate role and permissions. To add the site deployment role to the deployment user, click on Users under the Security section of the main menu, and click on the Add button in the Role Management section. This will trigger the display of the Add Roles dialog that will allow you to apply a filter value of site to locate the applicable roles as shown in Figure 20.4, “Adding the Site Deployment Role to the Deployment User”.


Figure 20.4. Adding the Site Deployment Role to the Deployment User

Check the box beside the "Repo: All Site Repositories (Full Control)" role in the list and press OK in the dialog. After the dialog closes, you should see the new role in the Role Management section. Click on the Save button to update the roles for the deployment user. The deployment user now has the ability to publish sites to a Maven site repository.