Maven: The Complete Reference

13.7. Developing and Customizing Flexmojos

The following sections guide you through some of first steps toward customizing or contributing to the Flexmojos project. Flexmojos is more than just a tool for people who are interested in compiling Actionscript into SWF and SWC artifacts, it is a community of developers. This section isn’t for everyone, but, if you have an itch to scratch and you wish to participate, come on in.

13.7.1. Get the Flexmojos Source Code

Flexmojos is an open source project hosted on the Sonatype Forge, and the source code for Flexmojos is stored in the Sonatype Forge Subversion repository. You can browse the contents of the Flexmojos Subversion repository by opening in a web browser.


Figure 13.11. Flexmojos Subversion Repository

If you are interested in participating in the Flexmojos project, you will likely want to checkout the current Flexmojos source code to your local machine. To checkout the Flexmojos source using Subversion, execute the following command at the command line:

$ svn co flexmojos
A flexmojos
$ ls
COPYRIGHT   flexmojos-sandbox pom.xml
flexmojos-archetypesflexmojos-super-poms  src
flexmojos-maven-plugin  flexmojos-testing