Maven: The Complete Reference

14.6. Multi Module Android Projects

The Android Maven Plugin can be used in a multi-module project setup. An example setup would be 3 different modules linked via a parent pom.

Java Library Code
This first module could contain any business logic implemented in Java, or any other JVM based language actually, in a jar package.
Android Application Code
This second module would depend on the first module and consist of all the interface code for the Android platform. It would need to use apk packaging and the Maven Android Plugin.
Instrumentation Test
This third module would depend on the second module and implement the integration test of the application.

Together with the use of other modules to separate items it is possible to set up a multi module build for an Android application as well as a server side web application sharing e.g. the code for the core objects and business logic.

A comprehensive example setup like this called morseflash is part of the samples project for the plugin.