Maven: The Complete Reference

14.1. Introduction

Android is an open source mobile phone and embedded device operating system developed by the Open Handset Alliance. It is based on a Linux kernel with a virtual machine environment for managed application code using Java bytecode for the runtime code generation. The development environment is based on the Java language and JVM/JDK based tooling. The generated Java bytecode is transformed into Dalvik executable code optimized for constrained devices. Once deployed to the device and executed the code will run on the Dalvik virtual machine. Java is the default programming language and the API’s are all Java based.

In most cases, development of Android applications is done within the Eclipse based Android Development Toolkit ADT. The optionally generated Apache Ant based build can be used to build applications outside the IDE. The Android Maven Plugin was created to allow development teams to build, deploy and release Android applications with Apache Maven, taking advantage of all the powerful features available like dependency management, reporting, code analysis and much more.


The Android Maven Plugin is rapidly evolving. The documentation below applies to version 3.0.0-alpha-12 and higher. For up to date information refer to the plugin website.