Maven: The Complete Reference

14.12. Other Useful Android Maven Plugin Goals

A number of plugin goals are useful for manual execution or custom binding to a lifecycle phase e.g. in a release profile.

14.12.1. Manifest-update

The manifest-update goal can be used to do in place updates to the AndroidManifest.xml file. It can update a number of parameters like versionName, versionCode and others and supports the parameters manifest.versionName, manifest.versionCode, manifest.versionCodeAutoIncrement, manifest.versionCodeUpdateFromVersion, manifest.sharedUserId and manifest.debuggable.

14.12.2. Zipalign

The zipalign goal can execute the zipalign command as required for creation an apk for upload to the Android Market. It supports the parameters zipalign.skip, zipalign.verbose, zipalign.inputApk and zipalign.outputApk.

14.12.3. Help

The help goal provides overall as well as plugin goal specific help on the command line.