The Maven Cookbook

Foreword: 0.5-SNAPSHOT

Foreword: 0.5-SNAPSHOT

This is an initial alpha version of the Maven Cookbook, and I mean "pre-alpha". If you are coming to the book with the expectation that this is a polished product, please check back in a few months. I'm convinced that this will be a better book because people are going to have a window into the process, you will be able to see the false starts, outline revisions, and other parts of the writing process that are usually hidden from view. You'll be able to give us feedback and reviews even before we've stated that the content is ready for review.

Tim O'Brien, Sonatype

May, 2011

Edition: 0.5-SNAPSHOT

1. Changes in Edition 0.4

The following changes were introduced in Edition 0.4:

  • Various changes to support the generation of a new Sonatype site.