Developing with Eclipse and Maven

B.5. Book Project Layout

B.5. Book Project Layout

The m2eclipse book is a multi-module project which contains the following projects:


This project contains all of the book's source code and figures in src/main/resources. If you need to update the book's DocBook XML, you will find all of the Docbook XML in src/main/resources, and if you are manipulating figures, you will find these images under the src/main/resources/figs directory. The build output for this project is a JAR which contains the DocBook XML source and the figures.


This project contains the HTML-specific XSL stylesheets and project configuration to apply the DocBook XSL stylesheets to the DocBook source content from nxbook-content. This project also contains some HTML-specific admonition graphics. The customization stylesheet and graphics are found in src/main/resources.


This project contains the PDF-specific XSL stylesheets, any pre-print assets such as covers, and any additional PDFs which are combined to produce the final, electronic output. All images, PDFs, and stylesheets can be found in src/main/resources.


This project combines all of the book projects into a single, deployable site and is only meant to be published by internal Sonatype resources. When the books are published, the build uses the Site plugin to perform a deployment using the Maven SSH Wagon.