Developing with Eclipse and Maven

B.4. How to Build the Book

B.4. How to Build the Book

You can probably guess what tool is used to build this book - Apache Maven. To build this book, follow these simple steps:

  1. Clone the book's Git repository. To clone this book's repository execute the following command at a command-line:

    $ git clone
    ...a bunch of Git output...

    Running this command will create a subdirectory named m2eclipse-book which is a copy of this book's source.

  2. Assuming you've already installed Apache Maven 3, change directories to the m2eclipse-book/ directory and run: mvn clean install.

    $ cd m2eclipse-book
    $ mvn clean install
    ...5-10 minutes of Maven build output...


This project makes use of both the repositories and pluginRepositories element in the top-level POM. If you have configured your Maven Settings to point to Nexus, you may need to add the repositories listed in this POM to your Nexus group.

Once the Maven build has completed, you can then access the following build artifacts:

  • The m2eclipse Book PDF can be found in m2ebook-pdf/target

  • The m2eclipse Book HTML can be found in m2ebook-html/target